Committed to high standards

Sleep ID Sustainability

Environmental protection, sustainability and resource-efficient production are more than just contemporary buzzwords for us. Sleep ID, as well as the entire Sanders Group, has committed itself to sustainability goals that are well above the legally
required minimum.

Why? Because we believe that investing in sustainability is also an investment in the resources of the future.
Sleep ID is constantly working to reduce his own carbon foot print – and with significant success.

A thorough baseline and process analysis has allowed numerous steps to be taken to reduce energy consumption in production. The consistent conversion to LED bulbs is just one example of simple measures with high efficiency. Already today, we refrain from using coal energy and have turned our attention to the use of renewable energies.
Through a new concept of waste heat recovery, warm air streams previously diverted to the outside world can be used for further production steps. Due to the selection of natural resources and environmentally friendly production materials, no hazardous waste is produced throughout the manufacturing process. Particular attention is also paid to waste separation, especially at the production sites, for example, the overall recycling rate accounts for about 44 % of the total amount of waste.
The large number of individual measures and the targeted restructuring of production and logistics enabled Sleep ID to reduce its CO2 emissions by 33% within just a year.
Are you interested in the ecological sustainability of our production? We will gladly answer your questions.