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Efficient lightweights

Duvets are suitable for use throughout the seasons because of the natural properties of the fillers used. Due to their excellent breathability, they create a dry, hygienic sleeping environment. Since down filled comforters are washable without sacrificing quality even at high temperatures, they are particularly suitable for people with dust allergies.

The filling contents include top quality down and feathers from both duck and goose. The selected mixing ratio can be scaled up to 100% feather or 100% down. You determine the filling power used – we are happy to advise you!

All filling materials used come from RDS-certified companies and are subject to regular in-house quality checks. In this way, Sleep ID guarantees you the species-appropriate handling at consistently high quality of feathers and down.

Your desired duvets are available in four heat levels; These range from Extra Warm, over Warm, Medium to Light. An alternative year-round option are 4-season duvets with down filling.

As outer fabrics, we recommend our customers to use easy-care fabrics such as cotton, polyester or Tencel /Lyocell blends. Of course, we also consider and realize the desire for additional, individual shell fabrics.

For the production in all standard and requested sizes, we allow you to attach individual features such as decorative edges / -pipings, corner labels or embroidery designs.

You have more wishes? We are happy to discuss their implementation with you.

Natural hair duvets

For a natural sleeping climate

Natural hair comforters are among the highest quality bedding products due to their exclusive, skin-friendly filling materials and are in constant high demand.

Sleep ID offers you selected, high-quality filling materials of certified companies all over the world. So you can conveniently choose between fillings of camel hair, wool, silk or precious cashmere hair.

They are characterized, analogous to down comforters, by a comparatively low weight. All natural hair duvets have special breathability combined with ideal thermal regulation in common. Due to their natural properties, they are able to absorb moisture very easily overnight, thus creating a carefree, pleasantly cool sleeping climate. Nevertheless, natural hair and silk duvets are easy to clean mechanically and last but not least suitable for allergy sufferers.

All filling materials allow the production as 4 seasons duvets or in the four different heat levels of extra warm, warm over medium up to light. Cotton and silk, as well as polyester or Tencel/ Lyocell blends, harmonize as proven cover fabrics. We are happy to advise you on the selection of individual, suitable upper materials.

Plannable in all sizes up to a maximum of 240 x 260 cm, all natural hair duvets in all quilted versions can be realized; There are hardly any limits to the actual quilting.

As optional features Sleep ID offers you the incorporation of decorative edges, corner labels and embroidery – but if you have your own ideas, we, of course, discuss their implementation with you!

Sleep ID Duvets
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