Types of packaging

Sleep ID Types of packaging

Carrier bag

High quality and versatile

Carrier bags combine high-quality appearance with practical transport comfort – both for you and for the consumer. The durable bags exist for the cardboard (and thus also directly for the transport pallet) adapted sizes, but can be customized almost without any restriction.

All carrier bags, irrespective of the material chosen, can be configured in many different ways in terms of form and function in order to cope with unusual customer requirements. Not only can they be dyed, but they can also be printed all over in different colours; If desired, coloured embroidery is also possible.

For insert cards of any kind, the pockets can be provided on the front, back or sides with slide-in compartments. Their sizes are also freely selectable and limited only by the actual size of the packaging. Optional one or two-way zippers not only protect the contents from contamination, but also make the Sleep ID carrier bags a practical means for storage.

All selectable production materials – cotton, jute, paper or nonwoven – are all REACH-certified and therefore guaranteed free from harmful substances.


Handy and space-saving

Rolled-up quilts, toppers and pillows are not only protected against possible transport and handling soiling, but also extremely space-saving and handy. For such transport-optimized packaging exist, depending on the size and volume of products, numerous proven formats – the choice is yours!

Sleep ID offers you numerous options for individualizing the packaging in order to minimize the customer’s effort for follow-up.

You can choose from up to six (front) or four (back) different inks for the implementation of your logo and design requirements. In this way, you will receive a presentation-ready product that can be marketed without further packaging and processing effort.

Sleep ID Types of packaging
Sleep ID Types of packaging


100% tailor-made

Do you have special wishes for the composition and design of your product packaging? None of the proven solutions and systems are compatible with the needs of your product? Or you just have a unique taste?

In close cooperation with you, Sleep ID will be pleased to develop exactly the packaging that suits your wishes and products. Contact us! We look forward to your ideas.