To take responsibility

Promotion with responsibility

Sleep ID places high demands on all employees to ensure that even the highest customer demands can be met. Our employees identify intensively with the corporate goals and carry them with commitment and personal responsibility.

We value the loyalty and loyalty of our employees at all locations and see ourselves as an integral part of the regional economic and cultural regions.

In addition to the creation of sustainable jobs and constant investment in the economic area, we see the promotion of regional community and cultural projects as an investment in healthy coexistence. We are committed to preserving European craft traditions and cross-border exchanges.

In addition to supporting local charities and volunteering as a matter of course, Sleep ID actively promotes associations and organizations with the aim of environmental and refugee assistance.

For a detailed information of the more than a dozen funded projects at our production sites, just contact us. Maybe we can inspire you as well?

Our projects

Community projects

Investment in togetherness

Guaranteeing the success and high quality of Sleep ID products is the enthusiasm and dedication of our employees.

We are grateful for the concession and the obvious integration at our production sites. We are happy to give back some of the commitment shown to us and promote local togetherness. Sanders Vynohradiv was recently able to support the refurbishment of the local district hospital not only financially but also materially by providing production-new bedding.

We also support a variety of local charity and welfare projects through extensive sponsorship. A special concern of ours is the support of Children’s Fund: in addition to the children’s aid “Helping Hand” we also devote ourselves to the support of the Red Cross and the local center for child development.

Sleep ID Commitment
Sleep ID Commitment

Sport promotion

Create role models through commitment

Collaboration requires team spirit – which is why Sleep ID is particularly interested in promoting local sports associations and clubs. In addition to a sponsorship for the sports organization of the fire and rescue forces of Transcarpathia, we are especially interested in the support of football. As a spectator sport of the first order promotion of the local clubs not only the associations and players, but also the numerous enthusiastic fans and relatives.

We are happy to sponsor the football clubs at our production sites, namely
FC Sevlush (Vynohradiv) and FC Buzhola (Irschawa).