Sleep ID Pillows

Down pillows

For previously unmatched feeling of lying

High flexibility and formability, heat storage capacity and the use of natural, RDS-certified fillers make down pillows the most widely used sleeping pillow.

In addition to conventional filling, Sleep ID offers the production of pillows with a three-chamber system. Different fillings with individual mixing ratios, where an increased rate of feathers provides additional strength, allow more ergonomics and increased support properties.

Configurable in three different firmness levels from soft, medium to firm, these not only provide additional sleeping comfort, but also provide supportive relief for posture-related back problems through supportive effects.

Down pillows are suitable for the development of back, abdominal or side sleeper series, depending on the filling quantity and level of firmness.

Decorative cushions

For the extra living comfort

Decorative pillows are and will remain a favourite trend in the design of living, sleeping and youth rooms. Individually designed pillow cases provide an equally unique room atmosphere not only at home.

After selecting a suitable fabric from the extensive range of available upholstery fabrics, which, amongst others, ranges from high quality cotton over polyester blends to ramie, your previously discussed decor wishes are realized. Their precise implementation is guaranteed by various weaving, embroidery or printing processes.

Also for the filling of throw pillows a variety of possible natural or artificial filling materials is available.

Sleep ID Pillows
Sleep ID Pillows

Seat cushions

Enable more living comfort

Seat cushions and upholstered cushions allow the comfortable and convenient use of lounges and benches over a longer stay, while emphasizing their decorativeness.

To meet a variety of customer needs in terms of styles and trends, Sleep ID offers a wide range of design and selection options regarding fabrics, designs and colors.

For a close fastener of the upholstery, you can choose between point bars, velcro straps or drawcord.

Depending on the selection of suitable cover and filling materials, the production of cushions and seat cushions for indoor and outdoor areas is equally possible. Synthetic fibers, PU chips and PU cores can be realized as fillings – analogous to the production of cushions to be filled.

Neck support pillows

Guarantee for a healthy sleep

Doctors and health organizations around the world recommend the use of stabilizing neck pillows to relieve a variety of neck and spine pains.

Sleep ID offers the production of neck support pillows not only in different profile shapes, but also in variable levels of firmness. In addition, innovative extras such as aloe vera pillow cases or the use of cooling gel pad are routinely feasible.

Common fillers for neck support pillows are differently firm foams or cold foam. There are hardly any limits to the implementation of individual wishes for filling.

Sleep ID Pillows