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Sleep ID introduces itself

Founded for performance

Only a high demand on own processes and structures allows the uncompromising fulfillment of sophisticated customer projects.

Founded in 2017 in Bramsche, Lower Saxony, as a subsidiary of Sanders-Kauffmann GmbH, Sleep ID today employs more than 170 people at two European locations. Specializing in the high and unique demands of international wholesale and discount customers, we pay special attention to the smooth realization of even the most unusual customer requirements.

As part of a continuous improvement process, we continuously put our established structures in the areas of production, warehouse logistics and management to the test. This is how Sleep ID guarantees maximum product quality and cost efficiency – in your interest.

Sleep ID sets great store by the seamless traceability of the entire supplier and production chain.

Core competence

In order to be able to guarantee a maximum of productive flexibility and reaction speed, we offer our customers the configuration of products by means of an extensive modular system. If your plans can not be displayed in this, we are also happy to be your partner for the realization of your completely individual ideas. In conjunction with a state-of-the-art storage system that allows Sleep ID to retain high volumes and proven transport logistics, we offer our customers a holistic processing concept. Trust us for a reliable transaction: from product development to delivery.

Sleep ID About Sleep ID

The Sanders-Kauffmann Group

The name Sanders stands for more than 130 years of tradition and quality in terms of textiles and trade.
As a local engine for technical innovation, the company developed an impeccable reputation far beyond Northwest German home regions. Even today, the Sanders Group is in demand as a source of inspiration for the German and international home textile industry.
A steadily growing portfolio of products and services led to increasing specialization – and thus to the spin-off of new companies. Since then, they have been able to use all the internal synergies for their own target groups, lean and efficiently positioned.
The Sanders Group, consisting of Sanders-Kauffmann GmbH, Sleep ID GmbH, Sieep ID UA and Sanders Vynohradiv, is committed to the highest standards of authenticity and sustainability. Animal and resource protection, environmental protection and fairness are among the leitmotifs of all parts of the company.
As a Sleep ID, we are proud to be an integral part of the Sanders
success story.

Sleep ID About Sleep ID



Maschstraße 2
49565 Bramsche

Bad Bentheim

Liebigstraße 3
48455 Bad Bentheim


Gagarin vul. 49
90100 Irschawa


Komunalna vul. 10
90300 Vynohradiv