Our Team

Our team

Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg

Executive Director

Alexander Singer

Executive Director

Sebastian Jülicher

Head of Sales

Giuliana Cavaliere

Junior Key Account Manager

Sebastian Nardmann

Production & Supply Planner

Sophia Manthey

Compliance Coordinator

Kristina Hermann

Procurement Manager EU

Paige Lutes

Procurement Manager Far East / USA

Sebastian Orban

Quality Manager

Lesya Kudryashova



Sleep ID Our Team
  • Six Sigma
    Greater performance through statistics: Sleep ID uses the Six Sigma underlying DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) to sustainably reduce and eliminate process errors. Our aim is to create error-free processes in order to be able to offer you maximum quality and comfort while at the same time reducing costs. For this purpose, Sleep ID uses extensive operational key figures, which are analyzed after measurement and checked for causes, before we initiate sound improvement measures: This is how we grow in cooperation with you.
  • Lean Management
    Concentrating on the essentials to avoid wastage: Sleep ID has set itself the task of making all operations and processes lean and productive.
    We actively seek synergies, bundle and standardize our processes, analyze our services – and think from the customer’s point of view. We rely on the motivation and feedback of our committed employees, whose outstanding performance is continuously supported by key figures.
    Sleep ID has a strong zero-error culture, which constantly provides for big and small improvements. No area is left out of it; In this way, we are always working on even better performance in production, logistics and management.
  • Kaizen
    To initiate a continuous improvement process is one thing, to keep it constantly running something completely different. Kaizen, the idea of continuous change for the better, is not only an important tool for successful lean management, but also a powerful working philosophy. This is particularly successful when it is supported by all employees – as is the case at all Sleep ID locations.