Sleep ID Toppers

Feather & down toppers

For additional sleeping comfort

Toppers, easy-to-fix mattress pads, provide additional padding and protection of the mattress. Often recommended for back problems, they improve the feeling of lying by reducing pressure points. Selectable firmness levels and filling ratios between feathers and down also allow for a sustained regulation of heat storage.

The down and feathers used for filling are exclusively from RDS certified companies and are also subject to continuous in-house quality control.

Toppers are generally designed for easy care and durability while maintaining high comfort. Easy to clean cotton or mixed covers provide lasting hygiene. They exist in different shapes and thicknesses for almost every type of mattress and increase their useful life.

Sleep ID realizes for you the production of toppers in all common mattress sizes – as well as on request in individual formats. We are happy to plan your toppers with extras such as corner rubber straps and labels, pipings or embroidery.