Quality Management

Quality standards

Standards for success

Sleep ID is aware of the unique demands of customers (key account and discount) in terms of quality.
In order to guarantee faultless products and processes, we pay special attention to a holistic quality management system.

Already in the selection of the underlying raw materials, we place the highest demands on our suppliers. These commit themselves to the in-house examination of each outgoing delivery according to the parameters met in line with the AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit agreement).

Further quality tests are carried out internally by regular checks in the incoming and outgoing goods.
Sleep ID maintains an in-house test lab at the production site to check the quality of feathers and down on site. The intensity and frequency of
in-house sampling depend on the quality of the previous deliveries.

We are also happy to comply with the special quality standards of our customers. We conduct comprehensive testing to assess and ensure the quality of all components used, such as shells, fabrics, fillings, etc. All samples are taken in external accredited test laboratories to ensure maximum objectivity and fairness.

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